Summer TBR

***These lists are in no way definite and are subject to change! These are books that we want to read and may or may not get to this summer!***

We’ve provided the goodreads links to all of these books in the titles listed below!



The Unexpected Everything By: Morgan Matson. I read Matson’s book,  Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour in high school and loved it, so I’m super excited to read more of her books! Krista already read The Unexpected Everything this year and loved it, so i’m excited to finally get to it!

Unexpected Everything

Bossypants By: Tina Fey. I loooooovvee Tina Fey and I haven’t read any non-fiction in a while so I’m ready to pick this up! I’m also excited to hear this on audiobook because Tina narrates it herself!


Code Name Verity By: Elizabeth Wein. I haven’t picked up a historical fiction novel since The Book Thief By: Markus Zusack so I’m really excited to be picking up another from the genre! Code Name Verity features a female pilot, which sounds awesome, so I’m sure I’ll love this book!

Code Name Verity

When Dimple Met Rishi By: Sandhya Menon. This is a 2017 new release as well as Menon’s debut novel. I’ve heard amazing things about this book and even though i’m not typically a mood reader, it’s seems like the perfect summer read! It features two Indian MCs so yay for diversity!! I’m super excited to get to this!

When D met R

Once and for All By: Sarah Dessen. This is another 2017 new release! Both Krista and I have been reading Dessen’s books since middle school! They’ve meant so much to us so I’m so happy to be getting to this one soon! As an added bonus, it also seems like a perfect summer read!

Once and for All

The Truth About Forever By: Sarah Dessen. I read this book back in middle or high school and It’s always been my favorite Dessen book. I even got it signed by her this year and it was definitely one of the highlights of my year so far! I’m excited to reread this and I’m looking forward to rereading all of her books at some point!

Truth About Forever

Flame in the Mist By: Renee Ahdieh. Yet another 2017 new release that I’ve been so hype about since I heard of its existence! This isn’t an official retelling but it’s been compared to the likes of Mulan, who is my  favorite disney princess, so naturally I’m all here for it! Also, the cover is beautiful and Krista and I were  lucky enough to get this book signed by Renee herself! She’s so sweet and she seems like a beautiful human-creature!


Year of Yes By: Shonda Rhimes. My love for Shonda runs deep! i love all the shows that she’s created and produced and I have such respect for what she’s doing for television right now. I’ve mentioned having a dream of writing for television one day, so i’m excited to read this book to get a look inside the mind of one of the most successful television writers out there!

Year of Yes

Six of Crows By: Leigh Bardugo. I have yet to read anything by Leigh Bardugo but I’ve heard great things about her work, and I’m excited to start with this book! It’s the first in a duology and though I’ve heard rave reviews about it, I know almost nothing about it. I’m excited to go into it blind!

Six of Crows

The Raven Boys By: Maggie Stiefvater. This is another book that I’ve heard great things about but don’t know very much about. I want to go into it blind as well. It is the first book in the Raven Cycle series. In high school Krista and I both read most of The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Stiefvater and we loved them, so I’m excited to start The Raven Cycle series.

Raven Boys



When Dimple Met Rishi  By: Sandhya Menon. I am SO ready to read this book!! I have heard nothing but good things about it, and it sounds like it will give me all the feels!! I cannot wait to get to this!

When D met R

Once and For All By: Sarah Dessen. As Dawlyn previously mentioned, we have been reading this beautiful woman’s book for a long time. Every time she comes out with a new release my heart grows three sizes!! I’m excited for the summery wedding atmosphere I have been hearing this book has!

Once and for All

Illuminae By: Amy Kaufman. This book looks so cool! I love flipping through the pages and seeing the unique way this book was written! I have heard great things about it, and can’t wait to get to it!!


A Court of Thorns and Roses  By: Sarah J. Mass. I have been wanting to get to this series for so long! I see everyone’s obsession with these books all over the place, and can’t wait to see for myself how great they are! Also, i’m always down for a Beauty and the Beast retelling!

A court of Thorns

By Your Side By: Kasie West. I have heard great things about Kasie West’s books, and am excited to read one! Dawlyn already read this and really enjoyed it, so I’m excited to pick it up!

By Your Side

Carry On By: Rainbow Rowell. I finished fangirl back in May, and my heart still lives in Cath’s world. I love this book SO much!! I cannot wait to read Carry On! I need this book in my life! (I may even move it up on the list!)

Carry On

A List of Cages By: Robin Roe. I have heard really great things about this book! I have had it on my shelf for a while, and definitely want to pick it up this summer!!

A List of Cages

Six of Crows By: Leigh Bardugo. I cannot wait to read this! It sounds so good! I have heard great things about this series, and Leigh Bardugo’s writing so I am very excited!

Six of Crows

Rules of Attraction By: Simone Elkeles. I read Perfect Chemestry, which is the first book in this companion series, in high school. I was obsessed with that book! I loved it so much, but never read the other companion novels. Dawlyn read Rules of Attraction and really enjoyed it, so I am definitely excited to finally read it!

Rules of Attraction

Will Grayson, Will Grayson By: John Green, I love The Fault in Our Stars by John Green SO much! I tried Looking for Alaska and couldn’t really get into it. I love John Green though, and am excited to give another one of his books a try!!

Will Grayson

Thanks for taking the time out to read our post! We’d love to know if you’ve read any of these books and how you liked them! We’d also love to hear what you’ll be reading this summer! Sound off in the comments!


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  1. I have read Six of Crows and Code Name Verity. Six of Crows is really good. Code Name Verity has torture and pain in it. I loved these books and I hope you do to.

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