Spoilery Review and Discussion of Fangirl By: Rainbow Rowell

***MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!! Read the spoiler free review for this book here!***

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“To really be a nerd, she’d decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.”

Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl


Genre: YA/NA Contemporary

Rating: 5/5 Doughnuts


Summary: “A coming-of-age tale of fan fiction, family and first love.” -Goodreads


Plot and Writing: I really liked the way this story was written! At times it felt Like I was reading a lot of short scenes back to back, but at the same time, nothing felt rushed and everything flowed really nicely. I really enjoyed reading the excerpts of Cath’s fan-fiction! They definitely got me hooked and and excited to read Carry On by: Rainbow Rowell.



Cath: I love Cath so much! I see a lot of myself in her, personality wise, and I found myself thinking, “That’s something I would say” quite a bit with her. She’s very introverted like me and the way she responds to social interactions or even the possibility of them is me exactly. I don’t  like her sister, Wren, which i’ll get more into later, but their relationship pre-college, reminded me a lot of my relationship with my little sister. Cath and Wren wrote fan-fiction together, while my sister and I share a love for reading. Growing up, we read a lot of the same books and we were  always swapping book recs. Even though Cath and Wren have a rocky relationship during a majority of the book, it was nice to make a connection with them when they were on good terms.

Wren:  Ok, so like I mentioned before, I don’t like Wren. I get where she’s coming from in wanting to branch out in college and wanting to room with someone other than her sister. Ultimately, I think that was the best thing for Cath, but other than that I couldn’t relate to Wren. She wasn’t a good sister to Cath in general throughout a majority of the book. I felt that she was really insensitive towards Cath and their father about how they both dealt with change. Cath and Art are both very anxious and react differently to things than Wren does. I can understand not being able to relate to them in that way and even not being able to understand it, however Wren acts as if they overreact to things or are too emotional. That really bothered me because, 1. Wren didn’t deal with her own  issues in healthy ways, and 2. being emotional isn’t a bad thing and I feel like Wren makes it out to be that way.

Art:  Art is such a great dad. I love that even when he’s dealing with his own issues, and even though he clearly misses his kids, he encourages them, especially Cath, to enjoy their new lives and to embrace change. I also appreciate his stance towards Cath and Wren’s mother. She obviously hurt him but he never bashes her and encourages the girls to have a relationship with her even when Cath doesn’t want to. When Cath chooses not to reach out to her mother, Art respects that as well.

Levi: I love Levi and his relationship with Cath! He has his slip up but all is redeemed in my eyes. He is honest and acknowledges his mistakes, and apologizes for them. I love how genuinely kind he is to everyone; it’s refreshing! I feel that It’s implied that Levi has some kind of learning disability and I appreciate how he does what he needs to do to overcome the obstacles that come with it. I also appreciate how patient he is with Cath in their relationship. He just makes me smile.

Regan: I really enjoy Regan’s character. She’s a little rough around the edges and definitely flawed, but overall, she has a good heart. I try to block out the fact that she and Levi dated because that was just all kinds of awkward and uncomfortable. I’m glad they were all able to stay friends though!

Nick: Sigh. I liked him at first but when he didn’t walk Cath home the first night that they wrote together or ever call or text to make sure she got home safe, I knew something was off. Of course he ended up being a jerk and that’s all I’ll say about that.


Overall Thoughts: I love this book! It’s pretty reminiscent of my college freshman experience, but also my life in general. I think that all of the major characters are relatable in their personalities and their experiences. I love that this book takes place in a college setting because i haven’t read very many books that take on this setting and the experiences that come with it. I will always love and appreciate books that feature younger characters in high school, but I’m older now and out of college, so books like this are more relatable to my more recent life experiences. With that being said, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is getting ready to start college or already in college. I would also recommend this book to anyone who is looking to ease themselves into the new adult genre. This book is a good in-between of YA and NA. I hope that one day I’ll have read enough books like this or in the new adult genre in general, that I can make a full post about it, because I’ve definitely enjoyed what I’ve read so far!



Thanks for taking the time out to read my review! We’d love to know your opinions on this book! Feel free to share and sound off in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Spoilery Review and Discussion of Fangirl By: Rainbow Rowell

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  1. I SO wanted to kick Nick in the shins after what he ended up doing. The not walking Cath home in the dark, that was bad and obviously dangerous. Then he goes and basically steals her work? I’m glad the professor caught on to him. I think you can see a lot of character growth in Cath with the way she handled that situation.

    I love Cath’s dad (his name was Art? I think I missed that). He had his issues, that was true, but man did he love his daughters. And, oddly enough, Gravioli actually sounds kind of good in a weird sort of way. *lol*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with all of this haha (except maybe the part about gravioli i’m not the biggest fan of either lol). I’m pretty bad with names but on the inside front cover of my copy of the book, there are little illustrations of each significant character with their names underneath. Orherwise I probably would have forgotten their dad’s name haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll have to check my copies later! I have two versions and I hope one of them has that because that would help so much. I love when there’s character art included in books, even if they’re tiny illustrations.

        Liked by 1 person

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