July Book Haul

***Looking for places to get cheaper books? Interested in book subscription boxes? Here are some links!: Amazon, Book Depository, 2nd and Charles, Book Outlet, Thrift Books, Bookcase Club, Quarterly***


Hey bookworms! Welcome to our July book haul! This one is waaay smaller than last month, which you can check out here and here, but we’re definitely satisfied with everything we got!


Dawlyn Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my stack like I did last month because I’m getting ready to move and most of my books are packed up! Anyway, let’s get started!

Bookcase Club (This is a monthly subscription box in which you receive two books in each time. It’s $9.99 and the books you get are a surprise and based on the genre you choose!)

BCC July

  • Not If I See You First By: Eric Lindstrom. I was pleasantly surprised and so excited to have gotten this book in my box this month! I recently put it on my goodreads TBR, but I hadn’t planned to buy it anytime soon. This book features a MC who is blind. It hits close to home for Krista and I because we are both blind. We aren’t totally blind but we do share a lot of the same experiences as a person who is. In the blind community, blindness is widely considered to be on spectrum, like a lot of other disabilities. It is because of this that Krista and I, and many other individuals with usable vision, consider ourselves to be blind. This is sometimes something that people who are sighted and even people who are blind don’t accept,  so we also use the term visually impaired as well. Please let us know in the comments if you have any interest in knowing more about our disability and what it means to be on a spectrum of blindness! We would gladly do a post on this topic! Back to the book! From what I’ve gathered, this book aims to educate about how someone who is blind should be treated, but also addresses life experiences that many teens deal with on a daily basis. I’m so excited that there is a book like this in YA and I can’t wait to read it soon!
  • Lies I Told By:Michelle Zink. I read the blurb for this when I first got it and now writing this I don’t remember much except thinking I’d like it. I’ve really enjoyed going into books blind lately so we’ll see how I like it when I get the chance to pick it up!


Dawlyn & Krista

Quarterly (This is a subscription box that is sent out, per its name, quarterly. Each box features an author who’s book is to be released that month. The author curates the box themselves and along with their own annotated book, they include two other books of their choice, a letter to the reader, and other bookish goodies.)

Quarterly July


Dawlyn: This is the book written and annotated by the featured author of this box. I want to go into this blind but I’m really excited to pick it up in the future!


Krista: l so excited that this was the featured book for this box! The Goodreads description sounds so good! I cannot wait to pick it up, and be able to read all of Aditi’s notes



Dawlyn: I’ve been wanting to read this book so i’m really glad Aditi picked this as one of her choices! It’s poetry which is something I don’t pick up often but have been wanting to read more of!

Krista: I have also been wanting to read this book and am so happy that Aditi chose it!



Dawlyn: This book seems like it has such and interesting plot line and it discusses a US tragedy that  I’ve never seen in YA before! I’m excited to have it and can’t wait to read it when I get the chance!

Krista: This book sounds really good! I cannot wait to pick it up! I’m very pleased with all of the books in this quarter’s Quarterly Co box!!


Krista I did not buy any other books this month other than the Quarterly Co subscription box, however, I did get some funko pops, which are such nice additions to my bookshelf!

July Book Hual

I got these three as gifts from my mom!!

  • Wonder Woman
  • Peasant Belle
  • Beast

Comic con exclusives:

  • Tigger (A gift from my boyfriend!!!)
  • Harry Potter
  • The Lorax

The following I got from second and Charles for half off!!

  • Matthew Murdock
  • Ron Weasley
  • Fred Weasley
  • Iracebeth
  • Alice Kingsleigh


Thanks for taking the time out to read our post! We’d love to know if you’ve read any of these books and how you liked them! We’d also love to hear what books you hauled in July! Sound off in the comments!


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