The Hogwarts Tag

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Hey Bookworms! Today we will be doing the Hogwarts Tag!! We’re both obviously HUGE Harry Potter fans, so we’re so excited to be doing this tag! Thanks so much to Katie at Never Not Reading for tagging us in this! Check out her post, here. Let’s get started!


Am I a pureblood, half-blood, or muggle born?

Dawlyn: Muggle born. My parents aren’t about that Harry Potter life haha!

Krista: Pureblood – both my parents are Ravenclaws

Which wand chose me?

Dawlyn: My wand is made of pine wood, it has a phoenix feather core, it is 10”, and it is supple in flexibility.

Krista: Alder wood with Unicorn hair core 12 ¼” and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

Did I take an owl, cat, rat, or toad with me?

Dawlyn: Yes! A snowy owl like Hedwig! Owls are my favorite animal!

Krista: Owl, snowy owl to be exact!


Where did  the sorting hat put me?

Dawlyn: Hufflepuff!! 🙂



What house did I want to be in?

Dawlyn: From everything I’d heard about Hufflepuffs, I felt that was definitely my match!

Krista: I wanted to be wherever the sorting hat felt I was meant to be!


What lessons are my favorite and least favorite?


Favorites- History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, flying, Defense Against the Dark Arts

Least Favorite- Herbology


Favorites – Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Flying, Care of Magical Creatures, Study of Ancient Runes, Divination

Least Favorites – Arithmancy, Astronomy, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Herbology

The form my patronus takes:

Dawlyn: Black Mare

Krista: Borzoi

What does a boggart look like to me?


Dawlyn: A snake!!



Krista: Umbridge 

Do I partake in any magical hobbies or school sports

Dawlyn: Of course! Quidditch and Wizards Chess are amazing, and exploring the library!!

Krista: Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be good at Quidditch. Does Hogwarts have a band?

Where would I find myself hanging in my free time

Dawlyn: The library duh! Or in my house common room with friends!

Krista: Definitely agree with Dawlyn! Or I’d be at Hagrid’s!

What would I most likely get detention for?

Dawlyn: Being caught in the restricted section of the library.

Krista: Also restricted section, and probably trying to sneak into the kitchen for some of those endless sandwiches 🙂

What career do I want after leaving Hogwarts?

Dawlyn: A professor or librarian at Hogwarts or a journalist at “The Daily Prophet”.

Krista: i’d probably work for the Ministry or MACUSA depending on where I lived.


And that’s all!! We tag anyone out there who loves Harry Potter!

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read our post! Let us know if you’re a Harry Potter fan and what some of your favorite things are about the series! Sound off in the comments!


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