2018 Book Bingo!

Hey bookworms! We’re so excited for what’s to come on our blog this year, and the awesome books that we’re planning to read! Last year we did a modified version of the Popsugar Reading Challenge and it inspired us to create our own challenge of sorts. We’ve created a Book Bingo for 2018!  We shared a poll on twitter asking if anyone would be interested in participating, and we got a lot of book bloggers voting for their interest in doing it with us, so we’re super excited to share it with you all!


  • We created this challenge with flexibility in mind, so there really are no strict rules to this!
  • Our prompts aren’t book-specific, so you can match prompts to books you may already have on your TBR, or choose to search for books to match the prompts. Our goal with this bingo challenge is to diversify our reading choices a bit!
  • We will be updating our boards individually in our monthly wrap-ups by specifying which prompts we’ve completed, and which books match each prompt! Feel free to keep updated with us and read the books we’ve chosen!
  • Our personal goals are to complete our bingo boards by the end of this year, but we don’t expect anyone who would like to participate to do the same. NO PRESSURE!! We want this to be something casual and fun for anyone who wants to do it!
  • All we ask is that if you choose to participate in this challenge, you give us credit for creating it in whatever posts you reference it in! We look forward to keeping up with the progress of participants, so please pingback a link to us in any of your related posts!
  • Feel free to use our bingo board, but again, please give us credit for it!
  • HAVE FUN!!

Now, without further ado, here is our 2018 Book Bingo!



One of the things we love about the bookish community is how diverse and representative it is! Still, we realize that some of our prompts may prove more difficult to find books to match with than others, so here are some choices we’ve come up with!

Not If I See You Firstby: Eric Lindstrom (featuring a blind MC)


You’re Welcome Universe by: Whitney Gardner (featuring a deaf/hard of hearing MC)


Let’s Talk About Love by: Claire Kann (featuring an asexual MC)


A Tyranny of Petticoats (An anthology)


The Upside of Unrequited by: Becky Albertalli (featuring a plus-sized main character)


Warcross by: Marie Lu (written by a person of color‍)


Turtles All the Way Downby: John Green (Own-voices, featuring a MC with mental illness, and/or, written by an author with a disability) 


Please feel free to use these books to complete your bingo, or pick your own and share with us what you choose! <


Thanks so much for taking the time out to read our post! We’re so excited to be hosting our own challenge this year and we hope that whoever chooses to participate will have fun doing it with us! We’re eager to see what books you’ll choose and to hear thoughts on our choices as well! If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments! Happy reading!!


28 thoughts on “2018 Book Bingo!

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  1. Love this idea! So fun!

    On Jan 21, 2018 11:10 AM, “Little Blind Book Finds” wrote:

    > Krista and Dawlyn (littleblindbookfinds) posted: “Hey bookworms! We’re so > excited for what’s to come on our blog this year, and the awesome books > that we’re planning to read! Last year we did a modified version of the > Popsugar Reading Challenge and it inspired us to create our own challenge > of sorts. We’” >

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  2. Hope you enjoy You’re Welcome Universe. I was hesitant to read it at first because I wasn’t sure what the d/Deaf representation would be like, and I needn’t have worried because it is some of the best I have ever read! I knew within a couple of pages that Whitney Gardner had got involved with the d/Deaf community to write this book and I love that there are ASL signs dotted throughout. It brings it home how important this book is, and it reminds me of what Sara Bernard did with A Quiet Kind of Thunder, another YA that also has fabulous d/Deaf representation, but with BSL.

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      1. If it hadn’t been done well, I would have been peeved! Both these books are representations of me and my sister so they’re really important to me.

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    1. Krista: I absolutely loved reading this post! It made me so happy to see all of the awesome books you read to fit the different prompts. There were several books you mentioned that I have never heard of that I’m definitely adding to my TBR now. Thank you SO much for participating and for sharing your reading journey of 2018 with us! ❤️❤️


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