July Wrap-Up

Hey bookworms, and welcome to our July Wrap-Up! We read some great books this month and we’re excited to share them with you. Let’s get started!   Dawlyn and Krista: Children of Blood and Bone by: Tomi Adeyemi Rating: 5/5 Doughnuts Krista: This book definitely lived up to the hype for me!! I really enjoyed... Continue Reading →

July Book Haul

***Looking for places to get cheaper books? Interested in book subscription boxes? Here are some links!: Amazon, Book Depository, 2nd and Charles, Books-A-Million, Book Outlet, Thrift Books, Bookcase Club, Quarterly***   Hey, Bookworms. Welcome to our July Book Haul! Let’s go ahead and get into it!   Dawlyn: I hadn’t planned to buy any books... Continue Reading →

April 2018 Wrap-Up

Hey bookworms, and welcome to our April Wrap-Up!  This month we’ve decided to start including some posts that we really enjoyed reading in the blogosphere this month, so look out for that! Let’s get started!   Dawlyn: Let’s get into it! Beauty Queens by:Libba Bray Rating: 4.5/5 Doughnuts I loved this so much! This is... Continue Reading →

Unforgettable Bookish Memories Tag

Hey, Bookworms! Today we will be doing the Unforgettable Bookish Memories Tag. Thanks so much to Katie @NeverNotReading for tagging us in this! If you haven’t checked out her blog already you definitely should! She has a wide variety of content; she has something for everyone. Let’s go ahead and get into the tag!  ... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up

Hey bookworms, and welcome to our March Wrap-Up!  Let’s get started!   Dawlyn: I had an AMAAAZING reading month!! I read 12 books this month! It’s probably my best since this time last year. (Thanks spring break!)  Let’s get into it! Turtles All the Way Down by: John Green Rating: 4.5/5 Doughnuts I loved this!... Continue Reading →

March Currently Reading

Hey Bookworms! Here's what we've been reading so far in March!   Dawlyn Beauty Queens by:Libba Bray. i’m listening to the audiobook for this one and so far, I’m really enjoying it. I love the humor in it so far and I can’t wait to get deeper into the plot and characters. Alice in Wonderland... Continue Reading →

March TBR

***These lists are in no way definite and are subject to change! These are books that we want to read and may or may not get to this month!*** We’ve provided goodreads links to all of these books in the titles listed below!   Dawyln: Last month got busy and I wasn’t able to read... Continue Reading →

February Wrap-Up

Hey bookworms, and welcome to our February Wrap-Up!  Let’s get started!   Dawlyn and Krista: Geekerella by: Ashley Poston Dawlyn Rating: 4.75/5 Doughnuts This was adorable!! It stayed true to the cinderella story but also read like your typical contemporary. Also, I’m in love with the diverse rep in this! I feel that a few... Continue Reading →

Reading Guide: Black History Month Part 1

Hey, bookworms! February is Black History month here in the United States and we wanted to do something in honor of it! Though there has been more and more representation of people of color in books and in media in general, positive and accurate representation is still relatively limited. We are always thrilled to see... Continue Reading →

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